Gxnxvs at Aloha

Our favourite Gold Coast home grown (Now resides in Melbourne) producer/DJ is coming back to our Tiki booth on Saturday September 1st.

Coming off his latest release ‘Caught Up’ there is a lot of buzz around the duo that is C&G! With their EP Now You Know being released very soon, you might just get a sneak peak of it on the night!

You can listen to it here:


“It’s both steeped in history and forward-facing, combining ’90s bounce, strings and echoed vocals with a futuristic and undeniably 2018 production value.” – Complex UK

With an arsenal of hits to his name that he has with CVIRO on vocals like; Lady, Benjamins, Sober and his latest Twisted with a total of almost 12 Million plays! There will definitely be some good vibes!

Check him out @ his soundcloud, spotify or come to Aloha September 1st!



Time: 7pm - 1am
Price: FREE

Aloha Bar and Dining